Ground and Grain

Our selection of coffee blends

Ground and Grain Coffee
grain coffee


Moka Cream

Lightly roasted and made up of beans from South America, this blend has a taste of roasted cereal and hazelnut.

House Blend

A blend of two different color roasts for a perfect blend of a soft start and a bold finish.


Water decaffeinated coffee made of 100% Arabica Mexican coffee beans, medium roasted for a floral note.



A blend made with beans from Central America, lightly roasted for a fine and delicate taste.

Colombien Velouté

A blend made of Colombian coffee beans, with a suave taste

Colombian Supremo

Made of beans from Colombia, this blend presents itself with a suave aroma and a slightly sweet and fruity taste.

Breakfast Blend

A blend made of Central and South American coffee beans, medium roasted with notes of hazelnut.


VIP Blend

A gourmet blend made of Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee beans.

Gold Blend

A blend made of Brazilian and South American coffee beans, lightly roasted.

Lambada Espresso

An espresso made in the Italian tradition, with a thick crema and a light roast.

Black Velvet

A full bodied roast, the Black Velvet is made of South American and Brazilian coffee beans. Intense and without bitterness.

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